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Image of Trimurti T-shirt in light blue (size S)

Trimurti T-shirt in light blue (size S)


OPS has commissioned Cujo Cussler, the rising star of contemporary UK psychedelia, for Trimurti, a three-headed psychedelic ascetic, to commemorate our film screening of Great Buddha Arrival. Our Trimurti T-shirts come in three colours! Get yours at our web shop (link below) 🕉️

Although Cujo largely remains as a mysterious figure in the UK psychedelia scene, he is best known for his cover graphics for Psychedelic Press volumes – he transforms his artistic inspirations from Indic mysticism, street art, abstract expressionism, neoplasticism and deconstructivism into dark cosmic psychedelia.

His psychedelic art is also a reflection of Worcester’s underground UK bass scene, where he is known as Guerilla Monk ☯️ OPS has collaborated with Cujo for Trimurti (‘having three forms’), the special three-headed version of his signature subject matter of the cosmic ascetic 👳

Unisex size chart

S: width 18"; length 28"
M: width 20"; length 29"
L: width 22"; length 30"
XL: width 24"; length 31"

Image of One-off tie-dyed OPS Classic Logo T-shirt (size: S)
One-off tie-dyed OPS Classic Logo T-shirt (size: S)
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