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Image of Psychedelize Remedicadelic T-shirt in white

Psychedelize Remedicadelic T-shirt in white


Our screen-printed 'Psychelize Remedicadelics' T-shirt exclusively designed by our honorary member Pinky Vision was created to commemorate our participation in Breaking Convention 2019 and to honour our senior member Prof. Guy Goodwin (the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford) a.k.a. Professor Double G, who is an advocate of the re-medicalization of psychedelics, as well as our last year's Psychedelic President Raven, whose motto was 'Psychelize Remedicadelics'!

LSD was discovered by Albert Hofmann in 1943, and the 1950's saw its large-scale clinical application in psychotherapy by psychiatrists. However, the widespread use of LSD in the counter culture of the late 1960's and its resultant official ban in the US in 1967 interrupted clinical research in most countries for almost half a century. The therapeutic potential of hallucinogens are now being rediscovered in the current psychedelic renaissance. Prof. Goodwin says, "We lost this important compound [LSD] for many many years!".

Prof. Goodwin concludes, "We sit at an interesting point. We wait the results of the definitive trials to show the usefulness of psilocybin and other hallucinogens particularly in depression and difficult-to-treat depression. And we’re unsure how we’re going to take this forward maintaining a medical cocoon of safety while at the same time recognising that people may claim the right to make these drugs a recreational choice. It’s going to be an interesting social and political challenge to get this right". And he adds that, "The politics of the re-medicalization will be difficult".

Psychelize remedicadelics!




Unisex size chart

S: width 18"; length 28"
M: width 20"; length 29"
L: width 22"; length 30"
XL: width 24"; length 31"

Image of Psychedelize Remedicadelic T-shirt in white Image of Psychedelize Remedicadelic T-shirt in white